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About Your Pet Photography Shoot

When and Where...


Great pictures need great light.

Light is usually best just after sunrise and  just before sunset so if possible it's always worth making the extra effort... who wouldn't love a gorgeous sunset as a backdrop for their pictures (obviously this does depend on the good old Scottish weather playing it's part so we can only try out best).  Please give me a call or drop me a message and we can discuss the best time to arrange your shoot.​


Location Location Location.

The next decision is where to take your photos.  We are lucky in the North East of Scotland and we have a plethora of breath taking scenery on our doorstep.  Castles, beaches, woods, parks, harbour, you name it, the list goes on.

That being said you or your pet are the star of the photos so if there is somewhere that means a lot to you, maybe your favourite walk, or even your back garden then these areas all work brilliantly too.

If you are not sure where is best then please contact me and I can suggest a few options.


I'm happy to travel to your chosen location wherever that may be, however there may be a small travel charge for locations out with the red marked area below.  

Travel Area Map.jpg

Who can come to the shoot and what should they wear?

Who can come to the shoot?

​Standard shoots last approx 60-90 mins that gives time for a family of up to 2 adults, 2 children and 2 dogs.  There's absolutely no rush on the day though, the whole shoot is like a relaxed walk with (hopefully) lots of fun and smiles along the way.

What if I want to take more people?... fantastic!  The more the merrier.  Let me know beforehand and we can arrange a longer shoot (a small charge may apply).

How many animals can I take?...

A standard shoot allows time for up to 2 dogs or 1 horse.  But again if you have a more animals then that's great, just let me know beforehand and we can arrange a longer shoot (again a small charge may apply to cover the time of taking and editing extra photos).

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in

Keep in mind that we will be outdoors and at the mercy of the great Scottish weather, obviously you want to wear something nice for your photos so why not take a few layers to keep you warm in between shots.

Depending on where we are doing the shoot I'd recommend some waterproof footwear too, just in case.  Think boots rather than flip flops or heels for example if we are going to the woods.

Even on the nicest summers day we can get a spontaneous shower in Scotland so think about taking a waterproof jacket or an umbrella with you, you can always take them off or put them down for the photos.

Should I wear any specific colours?

I recommend sticking with neutral, natural colours as these will always compliment pet coats nicely.

Try and avoid 'busy' patterns as these can be distracting.

Leads and what to bring for your dog


Throughout the whole shoot the safety and comfort of your dog/pet always comes first.  If you're not sure of their recall or if we are near a road or in some cases cliffs (at certain castles etc) then a lead is a must.  Don't worry I can show you how to hold it so that I can remove it later when I edit the pictures.

That being said there are a few things that make this easier.  If you have a slip or show lead then please bring that as they are thinner and therefore easier to hide.  

I may not be able to hide certain harnesses so if possible please bring a collar/lead if you have one.


Dogs and I have one thing in common... if all else fails then bribe us with food!

I'll have some treats and toys with me to help get your dog's attention but please feel free to bring your own, especially if they have a favourite nibble or if they have any allergies etc.

A treat doesn't just have to be food though so if they have a favourite squeak toy they will do anything for then bring that too.

Other than that just bring what you would normally take for a dog walk (remember poo bags ;))

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